8 Channel software controlled fanbus with PWM

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This article was previously published at, but I`d like to spread the idea further, possibly sparking new ideas in some of you, so I`m releasing it here too. My old partner and I were working on an improved version, using an ULN2803A instead of the many BC547B`s and optional zener diodes to make sure the fans always got power from power-on, but h

8 Channel software controlled fanbus with PWM
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e lost interest and so we never finished it. I did improve the software on my own, though: - improved fan control routines/speeds - command line parameters to adjust the power level during runtime - "KITT(Knight Rider)" running light functionality to the outputs, which looks pretty cool with 8 LED`s attached A Polish guy had asked me for the command-line functionality, and after getting it to work I let him play with the new program, and he hasn`t reported any bugs. I haven`t personally thoroughly tested it, though - but it has worked perfectly in my short-time tests.

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