80 mhz 108 mhz fm transmitter circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

FM transmitter or often called fm transmitter uses 2 transistors in this article uses 2 transistors 2n2222. If the fm transmitter is in use voltage supply of 9 volt battery and use an antenna whose length is less than 12 inches, then this fm transmitter will be within FCC limits. Signals from the microphone in the fm transmitter is reinforced by Q

80 mhz 108 mhz fm transmitter circuit
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1, Q2 with carrier frequency generator is determined by the C5 and L1. The frequency of the FM transmitter is in the range 80 MHz - 108 MHz. L1 can be made with as many as 24 e-mail wire wrap and 6 wrap. The following is a picture series for the fm transmitter fm transmitter referred to in article 2 of this transistor. This fm transmitter antenna is connected to the mid point of the antenna length L1 and preferably between 8-12 inches. FM Transmitter is only used for experiment and learning materials are not to be used for day-to-day, because the use of FM transmitter frequency regulated and protected by law may be understandable.

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