8052 Microcontroller Projects

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Now-a-days every institution needs automation. As a part of college automation, we have decided to do a project Voice Interactive System for College Automation . Our project allows the user to know the student`s attendance and marks quickly through the telephone line without the intention of the college authority. In the hardware side embedded s

8052 Microcontroller Projects
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ystem has been used. A 20 pin microcontroller 89C2051 is used because of its compatibility with our hardware. This microcontroller controls the whole hardware. Telephone line is used for communication purpose. Visual Basic has been used for software programming. Presentation in the class and outcome of the university are made reachable to the parents by our project. It will be very obliging to the parents to be acquainted with their son`s/daughter`s recital in the college. This Project Digital Calendar using Microcontroller is an advanced digital calendar, which displays the Date, Day, Month over the LED display. It has an 8 bit Microcontroller which runs on the Program embedded on its ROM. Separate LED`s are provided for the date, day, and month. The system has an battery backup so that it can run over all the time even during the power failure. Totally there are 31 LED`s for indicating the date and 12 LED`s for indicating the Month and 7 LED`s to indicate the day. All the above systems are controlled by the Microcontroller. In our project we are using the popular 8 bit microcontroller AT89C2051. It is a 20 pin microcontroller. In spite of the improvement of communication link and despite all progress in advanced communication technologies, there are still very few functioning commercial wireless monitoring systems, which are most off-line, and there are still a number of issues to deal with. Therefore, there is a strong...

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