89 S10 Starter wiring Snafu

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Got a 89 s10, 4. 3 with auto trans. someone else pulled the motor I got stuck trying to put it back together. Only problem I have is the starter wiring. Solanoid has one big terminal(goes to hot side of the batt) and one small one with a `S` which I figure is hot during start. The purple wire that looks like it goes there is not hot but more of a ground. What gives Does anyone have a clue on what is it going to

89 S10 Starter wiring Snafu
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take for this thing to start. The Haynes manual I have has a generic wiring diagram for this. Do I need two wires going to this one small terminal Help! The purple wire is the trigger wire and is the only one that goes on the small "S" terminal. All other wires are fusable link power feeds to the car and all go on the big terminal with the battery cable. Reply to Chevy man`s Post: I do not see any other wires in the area that could reach the large terminal either other than the large red bat wire, and it will not turn the starter over hooked up like it is. I do know it was turning the truck over before the engine was pulled. There should be at least one or two more in the area that go on the large terminal. They feed the ignition switch, headlamps and charging system. They have to be in the area somewhere. I can not find any other wires that are in the vacinity if the starter. What I have is pos to the large side of the starter and purple to the small terminal. The other smaller pos wire goes from the batt to the alt. All of the accesories work, lights, radio. Just no start mode. what can I do to get this thing cranked. If I run a new wire were does it need to go from the large terminal on the starter Sounds like I need a wiring diagram dos`t it. Thanks, any info would help Ask-a-doc Web sites: If you`ve got a quick question, you can try to get an answer from sites that say they have various specialists on hand to give...

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