9700s Analog Synth Modules

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Circuits that use a temperature compensating resistor have a small error because the tempco`s resistance is a function of temperature T, rather than 1/T as is theoretically perfect. The fact that tempco circuits are de-riguer attests that this remaining error is not significant to most people, but still. it is not present in the 9720. The illustration shows a working

9700s Analog Synth Modules
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example that pumps from 1uA to 1. 024mA in response to a 0V. to 10V. CV change. Full schematic and other details on the 9720 page. V/octave. The response of frequency to Control Voltage is scaled so that a 1. 0V. increase in Control Voltage produces a 1 octave change in frequency. This is commonly called V/oct scaling or less commonly "exponential response". While 1. 0V. /octave is the most common exponential scale factor there are also classic synths that work to 0. 8V. /oct and 1. 2V/oct and all modules can be calibrated to these scale factors as well. In the most limited sense, that`s true; but it`s a very narrow view of the situation. It`s better to think of our FatMan as a single super-module with all the elements needed to produce a complete instrument voice. The FatMan audio output is compatible the audio ins/outs of the modules and the MIDI Thru of the midi2cv8 can chain directly to FatMan`s MIDIIn, so on this higher level they`re very compatible and very complementary. You sure can. You may need to change connectors to ones compatible with the supply you`re using. For example, if using a Blacet Research PS-CONN distribution board you will probably want to get some. 156 connector housings and pins from Blacet. When using +/-15V regulated supplies always short out isolating resistors R1 and R2 on the 97xx board. Be very careful not to interchange (G) and (sg) on any 97xx modules as this corruption of the module`s...

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