A TREAD sized regulator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The size of the tread was 5cm by 3cm. My design, at the moment is 5cm by 3. 3cm. The basis of the regulator is taken from Walt Jung`s 1997 article Regulator Excels In Noise and Line Rejection. With a few changes based upon other Walt Jung articles on constant current sources and buffered voltages references, the schematic was born:

A TREAD sized regulator
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

At this moment, I looking for comments either on the schematic or the layout before I send it out for prototypes. I`m hoping that the layout should be fairly low noise. - the fat ground track in between the diode bridge and the output connector must be cut and replaced by a track starting at C2 ground. Nothing should be connected in between D2 and C2, it`s your dirtiest ground. - If you don`t mind being wasteful, a RC filter just after the diode bridge (something like 5-10 ohms before your first cap) quiet down the switching transients. - Q6 - a resistor might work, but then again which is quieter By designing for Q6, you can always build cheap with a resistor, but the other way around is harder. - R5, C3 - the dual resistor and cap combination is to reduce leakage current noise in the filter (taken from here: and I`ve seen in a few other places as well) what`s your current output limit based on the pass transistor i presume. also fixed voltage out one of the beauties of the lm317/lt108x circuits is some voltage adjustment. A trimmer between r3 and ground It is fixed out. But the question I would ask is how ofter do you actually change voltage of a built supply I will take a look at sizing to put a trimmer there. The other side of that though is that because the op-amp is powered from the regulated rail, some trim positions could end up in dis-functional regulator. As for current output, the limit would be CCS current of...

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