A little glowing Halloween ghost

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This glowing Halloween ghost is available as a kit from the tuxgraphics online shop. It can glow friendly or it can produces scary flashes. You can choose your own face and make a friendly ghost or a scary moster. We wrap a very bright white LED in bubble padding foil. This foil will diffuse the light. Using transparent adhesive tape the bubble fo

A little glowing Halloween ghost
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il is wrapped up and forms a little ball. A litte bit smaller than a tennis ball. This little ball is the head of the ghost. The basic "glowing ghost kit" contains the basic parts to build the ghost. The included white LED produces a very bright white light. In addition to this kit we need the atmega8 microcontroller and some batteries or a little DC power supply, 4. 5V to 5. 5V (Ericsson mobile phone chargers provide 5V DC). The atmega8 for the "glowing ghost kit" comes pre-loaded with software. You can however also take a plain atmega8 microcontroller and load it yourself with software. The software is available in the download section at the end of this article. For loading the software you will need a programmer like the avrusb500 from tuxgraphics. If you have the programmer hardware and you load the software yourself then you can also modify the software and invent your own blinking patterns. The software uses PWM (puls width modulation) to control the intensity of the light. The LED can be dimmed to any level and it can flash at any brightness level. It is just a matter of changing the software. Wrap the LED in bubble foil. Try to fold the foil such that there is a lot of foil in front of the lens of the LED and not so much foil behind the LED. Remember the light needs to be defused by the foil for this to be effective the light has to go through several layers of bubbles and plastic foil. The kit includes a black...

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