A microcontroller (MCU) is a small computer

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

A microcontroller (MCU) is a small computer in a single integrated circuit consisting of a CPU is relatively simple combined with support functions such as crystal oscillators, timers, sensors, serial and analog I / O etc. Microcontroller designed for small applications. Thus, in contrast to microprocessors used in personal computers and high perf

A microcontroller (MCU) is a small computer
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ormance applications, simplicity is emphasized. Some microcontrollers can operate at clock frequencies as low as 32KHz, because it sufficient for some applications, and enables low power consumption (miliwatt or microwatts). Microcontroller has the ability to maintain function while waiting for an interrupt; power consumption when idle (CPU clock and peripherals most off) may only nanowatts, so much of a microcontroller suitable for certain applications with battery / power supply that is more durable. Microcontroller is used for the production of devices with the performance of automatic and controlled according to the function and logic, such as automobile engine control systems, remote controls, office machines, equipment, electrical equipment, and toys. By reducing the dimensions and size of the device then the costs can be reduced compared with a design that uses a separate microprocessor, memory, and input / output devices, microcontroller makes the process of making a digital devices become more economical. Microcontroller AT89S51 type is MCS-51 microcontroller family with the exact same configuration with a fairly famous AT89C51, AT89S51 has a feature only ISP (In-System Programmable Flash Memory). This feature allows the microcontroller can be programmed directly in an electronic system without going through the Board or Downloader Programmer Board. Microcontroller can be programmed directly through a cable ISP...

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