A2050D Problems

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The Quad Laser Head ( A2050 ) is a LWDAQ device that drives four laser diodes. The A2050 was designed by Brandeis University for general use with BCAMs. The Weizmann Institute took the A2050 schematic and created their own version of the A2050 for use with the ATLAS end-cap trigger chambers. We call their version the A2050D, or Quad Laser Head Ve

A2050D Problems
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rison D. Figure: The Quad Laser Head (A2050D) from the Weizmann Institute. Marked are (1) one of four laser diodes, (2) aperture for alignment corridor in end-cap muon system, (3) 9-pin D-type socket for laser connections, (4) the Quad Laser Head electronics on a metal base with the lid removed, (5) the LWDAQ device socket, (6) 9-pin D-type plug for laser connections, (7) the laser mounting board, and (8) J2 shield grounding wire. We learned of the existence of the A2050D when we received this e-mail from our employee Ben Kaplan at CERN. Meir Shoa of the Weizmann Institute sent a set of A2050Ds (more than two) to Ben Kaplan in CERN`s Building 180, asking that Ben test the boards. We knew the Weizmann Institute was planning to produce a version of the A2050. We designed the A2050B for them in 2002, and sent them the schematic and a parts kit (see here ). Our understanding was that the Weizmann Institute would lay out a printed circuit board for the A2050D using our schematic, and so make an LWDAQ board compatible with our ATLAS MDT end-cap alignment system. We answered Ben Kaplan`s questions about using the A2050D with the BCAM Instrument, and he was able to flash all four lasers on his test bench. Later, however, he found that the A2050Ds would work one day, and fail the next. He gave some to Jim Bensinger to bring back to Brandeis University in Boston. We received two A2050Ds from Jim on 14th June 2006. Until we received...

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