AC Locomotive Auxiliary Equipment

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Electric locos derive tractive effort from Traction Motors which are usually placed in the bogie of the locomotive. Usually one motor is provided per axle but in some older generation of locos two axles were driven by a single Traction Motor also. However apart from Traction Motors, many other motors and equipments are provided in electric locos.

AC Locomotive Auxiliary Equipment
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These motors are collectively known as the Auxiliaries. The aim of this article is to provide an insight into the various Auxiliary Machines provided in the Electric Locos operational on the Indian Railways. But to understand the reasons why these auxiliaries are needed, it is necessary to understand the manner in which the electric locos operate. An important part of the electric loco is the Power Circuit. A short description of the power circuit of Electric Locos operational on the Indian Railways can be seen here. The article referred to describes the main components of the Power Circuit of the Electric Locomotive comprising of the following parts: A common feature running through all the above electrical equipments is that all of these generate a lot of heat during their normal operation. Even when they are not in use, they might generate a nominal amount of heat. Normally any electrical equipment generates heat as by-product during operation. But traction vehicles tend to generate more heat than normal. This is because day-by-day the demand on traction vehicles is increasing. But an increase in the power output more or less translates into increased size of the relevent equipments too. But a major problem with traction vehicles is that you cannot increase their size beyond a certain limit. This is due to "Loading Guage Restrictions". Hence, the power output of the locomotives has to be increased indirectly without...

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