AC measuring circuit diagram

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The figures(a), (b) are as shown, they are AC measuring circuits. The 21(a) is a current measuring schematic diagram of magnetic balanced mode Hall device. If the magnetic field produced by the measured current IN is B1, then B1 will produce Hall voltage. If this voltage passes though A1, the produced current I2 is fed to feedback coil N2. When th

AC measuring circuit diagram
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e Hall voltage UH=O, I2 reaches balance. Thus, INN1=fzN2, that is I2=(N1/N2)IN. If using resistance R to measure I2, then it can obtain a measured value which is in proportion to IN. The figure21(b) is as shown, it is a current measurement practical circuit. Hall device adopts KH-400 of lnSb material. The constant current source circuit is composed of AD580, it provides H with 5mA control current. A1 is amplifier, A1`s amplified voltage is changed to current by A2, it is lower than A2 output current, it is below 20mA, it is very tiny, so it should connect a current buffer amplifier which is composed of VT1 and VT2 to A2 output terminal. R1`s voltage drop is shown on the meter, the shown value is the measured value.

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