AC to DC 90 Watt Switching Power Adaptor PCB

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

AC to DC switching power adaptor circuit with maximum output power of 90W. Switching power supply is built using a high voltage power switching regulator IC MC33374 and some other additional components. The MC33374 IC is a monolithic high voltage power switching regulators that are specially designed to operate directly from a rectified AC line so

AC to DC 90 Watt Switching Power Adaptor PCB
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urce, and in flyback converter applications. The MC33374 switching power adaptor combines the required converter functions with a unique programmable state controller. At various variable AC inputs, it is capable of serving up to 6 A current at 15V output voltage. This switching power adaptor is capable of providing an output power in excess of 150W with a fixed AC input of 100V, 115V, or 230V, and in excess of 90 W with a variable AC input that ranges from 85V to 265V.

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