AC100 sound mixer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

These netbooks use ALC5632 audio codec plus mixer IC which has quite some amount of knobs and switches. Most of them are available for direct manipulation with alsamixer, GNOME Volume Control and other applications that interact with ALSA mixers. Here ALSA control names are used, if you`re using alsamixer or other similar software you will not see

AC100 sound mixer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Playback  or Mux  in the control names, that is normal. Don`t frighten you do not need to memorize all the above settings. If you select the settings in alsamixer according to your needs type on the command line: Hence, you can save settings for internal speakers, headphones, mute all, etc. If you do not want to type all the above to restore just create a little shell script (name it e. g. setsound. sh) to do that for you. #!/bin/sh # Set alsa sound to a predefined state # save state via # alsactl store -f . state # call this this by #. /setsound headphones alsactl restore -f {$1}. state

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