ADC Tester (A2100)

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The ADC Tester (A2100) is a LWDAQ device that records the output and power consumption of two ADC s. Its original purpose was comparative testing of two ADCs at different temperatures, but it turned out that the A2100 makes a good dual-channel eighteen-bit oscilloscope. Figure: ADC Tester (A2100A) with Two LTC1865L Auxilliary Boards. The flex cabl

ADC Tester (A2100)
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es are short for the benefit of the photograph. We give the names of the four indicator LEDs. (1) RJ-45 connection to LWDAQ, (2) programmable logic chip, (3) 512KG—8 static RAM, (4) Analog signal input, (5) ADC1 auxilliary board, (6) ADC2 auxilliary board, (7) Pt 1000 RTD glued to LTC1865L, (8) connection for two additional RTDs, (9) 12-way flex cable, (10) fixed voltage supplies for ADC2, (11) fixed voltage supplies for ADC1, (12) logic programming connector, (13) connection to Resistive Sensor Head ( A2053L ). The two ADCs do not reside upon the A2100. They reside on auxilliary boards, which are separate, miniature circuit boards connected to the A2100 by 12-way, 1-mm pitch, 25-cm long flex cables. In a sampling session, the A2100 takes simultaneous, regular samples from both ADCs and stores them in its 512 KByte memory. Once the sampling session is over, we can read out some or all of the samples and analyze them. We control and read out the A2100 with our LWDAQ Software. We use the program`s Terminal Instrument to define sampling sessions and read out blocks of ADC samples. We use the Gauge Instrument to measure the currents supplied through the fixed voltages. Note: We designed the A2100 to compare the response of two ADCs at different temperatures when presented with the same input. In particular, we wanted to study the performance of the AD7982 at ’140 °C. The AD7982 is an 18-bit, 1 MSPS, serial-interface,...

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