ADUC814 1.3MIPS 8052 MCU + 8kB Flash + 6-Ch 12-Bit ADC + Dual 12-Bit DAC

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The ADUC816 is a complete smart transducer front-end, inte- grating two high-resolution sigma-delta ADCs an 8-bit MCU, and program/data Flash EE Memory on a single chip. This low power device accepts low-level signals directly from a transducer. The two independent ADCs (Primary and Auxiliary) include a Temperature Sensor and a PGA (allowing direc

ADUC814 1.3MIPS 8052 MCU + 8kB Flash + 6-Ch 12-Bit ADC + Dual 12-Bit DAC
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t measurement of low-level signals). The ADCs with on-chip digital filtering are intended for the measurement of wide dynamic range, low frequency signals, such as those in weigh scale, strain gauge, pressure transducer, or temperature measurement applications. The ADC output data rates are programmable and the ADC output resolution will vary with the programmed gain and output rate. The device operates from a 32 kHz crystal with an on-chip PLL generating a high-frequency Clock of 12. 58 MHz. This Clock is, in turn, routed through a programmable Clock divider from which the MCU core Clock operating frequency is generated. The Microcontroller core is an 8052 and therefore 8051-instruction- set-compatible. The Microcontroller core machine cycle consists of 12 core Clock periods of the selected core operating frequency. 8 Kbytes of nonvolatile Flash EE program memory are provided on-chip. 640 bytes of nonvolatile Flash EE data memory and 256 bytes RAM are also integrated on-chip. The ADUC816 also incorporates additional Analog functionality with a 12-bit DAC current sources, power supply monitor, and a bandgap reference. On-chip digital peripherals include a watchdog Timer time interval Counter three Timers Counters 2 and three serial I/O ports (SPI, UART and I C-compatible). On-chip factory firmware supports in-circuit serial download and debug modes (via UART), as well as single-pin emulation mode via the EA pin. A...

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