ADum3223 issue (H bridge)

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Zender diode to do the over-voltage protection, this issue might be solved. Am I right or I need to do another thing to protect it. Please give me any advice. A zener diode will help if over-voltage on VDDA if that is the cause of the failure, but with a 12V rail, it would take a lot of ringing to cause an over-voltage failure on the ADuM3223.

ADum3223 issue (H bridge)
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The part can withstand 20V, so the ringing would have to be almost 50% of your voltage rail. Is there a chance you have an oscilloscope probe ground on GNDA If a non-isolated, non-differential probe ground is placed on GNDA, a short can be created between GNDA and GNDB. I would probe the VIA and VIB commands to see if there is a mismatch between the two sides of the H bridge, and try to figure out what the difference is between the two sides. Thanks for your advice, After probing the VIA, VIB, VOA, VOB, the signal is fine in input(VI) and output(VO) when mos doesn`t be connected, but if the mos is connected, the burn out side`s output signal`s high level is only 1/2 supply voltage. We think it might because the PCB is old version and it isn`t designed for Adum3223, so we decide re-layout the PCB and will follow the ADI`s CN0196 recommendation circuit like the following circuit. Could you help me check does it follow your guide line By the way, from CN0196, one Adum3223 drive half bridge, but if I use one adum3223 drives upper side H-bridge and the other one drivers down side H-bridge, is any different or concern between these two way I believe the application note put the outputs of the gate drivers on opposite legs of the H bridge to simplify the input on each chip. The application note allows for high-side supply charging, even when not switched, but for your first circuit, as long as a minimum duty cycle and frequency...

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