ATR0981 ATR0981 UHF SiGe Front-end IC

In some cases, appliances and equipment are able to operate when supplied by two different levels of AC line voltage to their main terminals (120 V or 240 V). This is why, it is very common that appliances and equipment have mechanical selectors or switches as an option for selecting the level of voltage needed. Nevertheless, it is also very commo

n that these types of equipment CAN suffer extensive damage caused for not putting the selector in the right position. To prevent these kind of problems, Thyristors CAN be used as a solution for making Automatic voltage selectors in order to avoid possibilities of equipment damage due to over or low voltages AC line supplied to them. Thyristors CAN take many forms, but they have certain things in common. All of them are solid state switches, which act as open circuits capable of withstanding the rated voltage until triggered. When they are triggered, Thyristors become low impedance current paths and remain in that condition (i. e. conduction) until the current either stops or drops below a minimum value called the holding level. A useful application of Triacs is a direct replacement for mechanical selectors, relays or switches. In this application, the Triac furnishes on ’off control and the power regulating ability of the Triac is not utilized. The control circuitry for these applications is usually very simple and these circuits are useful in applications where simplicity and reliability are important. In addition, as is

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