ATmega8 and Hall Sensor A1302

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The A1301 and A1302 are continuous-time, ratiometric, linear Hall-effect sensor ICs. They are optimized to accurately provide a voltage output that is proportional to an applied magnetic field. These devices have a quiescent output voltage that is 50% of the supply voltage. If you connect this voltage output to a microcontroller`s ADC port, having

ATmega8 and Hall Sensor A1302
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the maximum reference voltage of 5V = value 255 for 8bit ADC, the 2. 5V will return a value of 128. I`m not sure the conductor would generate enough magnetic field to trigger the sensor, in my tests above I`ve used a strong neodymium magnet and I was getting readings from 2-3cm the most. - simply connect the sensor to a 5V supply, and use the Vout PIN to open the Base of a NPN transistor through a 460Ohm resistor. Connect the transistor`s emitter to (-), and between the colector and (+5V) put your led. - the sensor will output a voltage of 0. 2. 5V on Vout proportional to the nearby magnetic field. So if it senses the magnetic field of the conductor, it will trigger the transistor. Thank you very much for reply, I have tested as you told, when I brings the magnet pole near to A1302 led feds away. ( in multimeter Voltage reduced to 0. 71 volt from 2. 42 volt ) and led become brighter when I brings the magnet near to opposite side of the A1302(also voltage level increased showing in multimeter. ) Touching the metal prob connected with base of the first stage transistor makes the LED OFF momentarily and then it glows up again, and there is no effect found when I borught the prob to a AC current flowing conductor. Vrei sa folosesti un senzor HAL pentru a controla viteza Interesanta idee, sper sa poti sa pui niste poze daca iti iese. Am sa-ti raspund in engleza, poate intereseaza si pe altii. If you look carefully at the...

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