AVR Butterfly MP3

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

AVR ISP interface (optional but handy if you don`t like the boot loader, are too poor for a JTAG or AVR studio just crashed and disabled the on chip debugging ;) ) The following is the up to date bill of materials for the latest version of the PCB. The parts are available from Farnell and digikey with the exception of a few items. If you cannot se

AVR Butterfly MP3
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e the list below then it is also available here. There is some basic software in the CVS that can be used to check the operation of the Hardware and test individual aspects of the hardware. You can find the systems test module here. (NOTE: This has not been updated for some time) The Rev_B design now includes a low drop out 3V regulator so power source is not really an issue, but if using 3V (2 x AA cells) then you can just replace the regulator on the PCB with a jumper from vin to vout. The Rev_C deisgn uses a MAX1811 to handle charging a LiION (4. 2V) Battery from a USB port. The design should really regulate the battery to 3. 3V, but doesn`t yet. The Rev_D board now includes a switched capacitor regulator (Texus Instruments REG710-3. 3) to maintain Vcc at 3. 3V. Using an unmodified Rev_C board will work but the life time of the MMC will be reduced. The Rev_E board has replaced the REG710-3. 3 with a National Semiconductor LP2891 ultra low dropout regulator. This component uses much less current than the former part, while allowing us to still extract power from the battery over its recomended operating voltage range

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