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Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This is my first AVR-project on this page. The DiSEqC-Tester allows to test DiSEqC-switches that uses 1. 0 or 1. 1 protocols. (DiSEqC-Switches with 2. 0 and 2. 1 protocol have backwards compatibility with 1. 0 & 1. 1 respectively and also may be tested). The device every second sends a DiSEqC-message that makes switch a DiSEqC-switch. Four LEDs are inte

AVR Projects
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nded to show on/off state of ports of a DiSEqC-switch. To test a DiSEqC-switch you must connect the red wire with "Receiver" input of the switch, blue wire with case, connect remaining yellow wires to ports of the switch in any order. Choose the protocol, tone-level and then turn power on. If the DiSEqC-switch is OK, a blue LED of the tester will be switching every second to another blue LED with short red LED blinking and beeping. Next photo and video shows how it looks. The device every second generates a DiSEqC-message which has duration of 54ms. Each message consist from 4 bytes. Byte is 8 bit + 9-th odd bit. If protocol 1. 0 is used, then device sends next commands-sequences: $E01038C0, $E01038C4, $E01038C8, $E01038CC, $E01038C0 and so later, else $E01039F0, $E01039F1, $E01039F2, $E01039F3, $E01039F0. These commands are so called "Write Port Group N0" (38h) and "Write Port Group N1" (39h) by DiSEqC-Protocol. The full description of DiSEqC-Protocol can be found at Eutelsat web site. For example, DiSEqC-Message $E01038C0 switches port "LNB1" of DiSEqC-Switch 1. 0/2. 0 into active state. DiSEqC-Tester_T2313_rev_A - DiSEqC 1. 0 (4 ports), 1. 1 (8 porst), 1. 2 ("west", "east"). After every 4-th/8-th command - large pause (for protocols 1. 0 and 1. 1). No large pauses in 1. 2-protocol mode. The archive contains some diagrams. Number of port-LEDs may be variable, for example 8 or 10, and depends on type of your DiSEqC-Switch....

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