Accident Prevention and Security System for Automobiles

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This is also remote controlled land rover but as a remote control one can use his cell phone. That means he can move the land rover by sending different commands from his cell phone. Not only that, he can control it from anywhere in the world (of course where GSM / CDMA network is available). This concept is taken from military application where

Accident Prevention and Security System for Automobiles
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such land rover works as Unmanned Guided vehicle (UGV) for spy operations, mine diffuser, bomb detector etc. in such application the movements of land rover can be controlled from very far remote and safe place (as there is practically no limitation on operating range) Here I have develop very simple application in which the land rover moves forward, backward and takes left or right turn as per commands given from any cell phone but one can develop any interesting application over this platform like given above. As shown in above figure four wheels are attached with chassis made up of any metal (like iron). Shaft of two DC motors (around 150 RPM or more)are directly coupled with real wheels. So as both motors rotate CW, the land rover moves forward. And as both motors rotateCCW, it will move backward. to turn it left right DC motor rotates and to turn it right left DC motor rotates. Also it will take forward-left & forward-right turn as well as backward-left & backward-right turn if required. For that, either of the motors (left or right) is rotated CW or CCW. For example if left motor rotates CW, land rover will take forward-right turn and if it rotates CCW then backward-right turn. Similarly for right DC motor.

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