Advanced Simulation for ESD Protection Elements

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Series of current pulses are imposed on the structure simulated, and average currents of the 70%~90% section of each curve are calculated, (b) Voltage vs. time curves are obtained from the simulation. And the average voltage of the 70%~90% section of each curve is calculated. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) failure is one of the most important causes of reliability

Advanced Simulation for ESD Protection Elements
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problems, therefore the design and optimization of ESD devices have to be done. To achieve very short time to market and reduce the development effort, one tries to make use of the benefit of simulation tools. However, due to the complex physical mechanism of ESD events and the hard mathematic calculation in the snapback region, simulation of the I-V characteristic of ESD protection devices has been proved to be difficult. This chapter aims at providing a systematic way to ESD simulation, including the process simulation, device simulation and circuit level simulation. Process/device simulation offers an effective way to evaluate the performance of ESD protection structures. However, to prevent the injury of ESD, protection circuits are used sometimes. Therefore circuit level simulation is needed. There are several process/device simulation tools in the world, the most widely used of which include Tsuprem4/Medici, Athena/Atlas and Dios/Mdraw/Dessis. Tsuprem4, Athena and Dios are process simulators, while Medici, Atlas and Dessis are device simulators. Mdraw is an independent mesh optimization tool, and the similar functions are integrated in device simulation tools, such as Medici and Atlas. The process and device simulation methods introduced in the following will be based on Dios/Mdraw/Dessis, except for the mixed-mode simulation, which is based on Tsuprem4/Medici. And the circuit level simulation will be carried out on...

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