All in one Remote using Arduino

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

August, 2007One of my other hobbies is photography, and, about a year ago, I purchased a new digicam a Panasonic FZ30. I joined the Panasonic forum on the dpreview site. One of the posters, a programmer and electronic hobbyist, designed a nifty wireless remote using a very inexpensive RF transmitter/receiver combination that he found on eBay.

All in one Remote using Arduino
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After he`d perfected that, he began designing an interval timer using a Radio Shack egg timer. At the time, I had just discovered the Picaxe 18X microcontroller. I realized that the PICAXE might make a good vehicle to power such photographic accessories, and that some sort of do everything  remote might be a good project to learn how to use the PICAXE. Even better, the Picaxe is programmed in a very simple form of BASIC. Programs can be downloaded to the processor over a serial link from your computer ” no programmer is required. And the development system is a free download. In this case, a Picaxe is an ideal vehicle for gizmo  design, since anyone can duplicate a project designed with one of these chips, and many can do design modifications or original designs with them. So, with a good deal of discussion with Bryan (linuxworks  on dpreview), I conceived the remote described herein, one combining an RF wireless remote, intervalometer, real-time clock, externally-triggered remote, wired remote, and a camera power supply. Unfortunately, during the design phase, I received more and more suggestions for features from folks in the forum. Soon, my little Picaxe proof-of-concept project outgrew anything that could possibly be implemented on the little Picaxe. I decided, about a month ago, to have another try at this project. I knew that this was too much for the Picaxe 18X, but RevEd had recently introduced the Picaxe 28X1,...

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