Amateur Radio circuits

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

For the shorter wavelength VHF and UHF bands it`s more practical to construct more complex antennas such as a single band Slim Jim or Yagis; I`ve had a go at a few such projects. Other projects will be an electronic unit of some kind: For the Intermediate Level licence it is necessary to make several practical electrical and electronic circuits and also build a complete and useful device related

Amateur Radio circuits
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to the subject of amateur radio. I chose to make a Morse Code Practice Oscillator; this project can be seen a little bit further down this page here. I have also built a Field Strength Meter - "FSM" also shown further down this page here. In January 2012 I set about making a microphone adapter cable to connect a dynamic `stick` microphone and a separate PTT hand or foot switch to the Kenwood TS-590s transceiver. This, of course, led to looking at the transmitted audio quality and the subsequent filtering and DSP adjustments which has all been very useful and interesting. Read more here. Due to being unable operate from March 2010 with all my equipment being packed away for a house move that had been constantly delayed and finally fell through, I began thinking about a few more ideas for homebrew (d. i. y. ) projects. I have also put those ideas on this page: I built a a home-brew `FT Meter` for the Yaesu FT-857D shown here and a QRP Dummy Load with power measurement and ALC adjustment for QRP operation of the FT-857D shown here. Previous to those projects I also did a little microphone re-wiring - to be seen here. I have also made some Baluns and Ununs and while I have not documented the whole projects I have noted down the ideas here. The other thing I have been doing is trying different types of antenna, my Compact Top Band Aerial can be seen here. I would like to be able to use a separate microphone on a boom or...

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