Analog 6-channel Home Theatre Audio Project

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The overall block diagram of the system. Audio comes in at the left, and is summed, differenced, multiplied, delayed, filtered, and all other imaginable manipulations. The output is a set of 5 discrete audio channels plus one low frequency effects channel. This is the typical layout for the speakers in a 5 + 1 channel home theatre system

Analog 6-channel Home Theatre Audio Project
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setup. The chair sits in the middle and the speakers are amied more or less at the listener. The subwoofer`s location is less important, as it is nearly omnidirectional. In this age of Dolby Digital and dts decoding standard on recievers under about $200, you might wonder why I decided to do this project at all. Two reasons: 1) at the time I was a graduate student in physics, and therefore had no money to buy a $200 reciever, and 2) I am a strong believer in analog electronics when it comes to audio. Since I can`t afford to purchase the single-chip surround solutions available from a few manufacturers, (and for that matter can`t afford to buy new components) I decided to build the entire system from my junk box, with the exception of a few potentiometers from Radio Shack. While my CD player is indeed better at accurately reproducing sound than many LP`s, I just can`t give up the panache of analog sound reproduction. So, I set about to create a Dolby Pro Logic surround sound style system without the aid of digital wizzardry using junk parts. I started at the Dolby Labs web site, downloading their "white paper" documents on their Pro Logic system. While there are no schematics available, there is extensive documentation on the theory of their system [Figure 1]. The Pro Logic system takes the two channel output from a stereo source, and decodes it into 5 or 6 discreet channels of sound, depending on the sophistication of the...

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