Arduino ATmega328 Hardcore

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The kit includes the following items (depending on which bootloader chip 16MHz or 8MHz) The kit includes the essential items to create your own Arduino 328 board. Here is a breadboard with all the components mounted and running the demo led flash program You can program the processor directly from the Arduino IDE. All you need is a TTL serial connection.

Arduino ATmega328 Hardcore
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The FT232RL USB to Serial breakout board is ideal for this. Now that we are using the modified Arduino UNO bootloader, we have also included a 0. 1uF capacitor in the kit which allows for the auto-reset functionality of the UNO boards. This capacitor goes between the DTR pin on the FT232RL USB to Serial board and the Reset pin on the ATmega328. Just connect the ATMega328 RX (pin 2) to TX on the breakout board, the ATMega328 TX (pin 3) to RX on the breakout board, connect the 0V and you are connected If you have a PC Serial Port (or USB to serial port cable) you can use this directly without the need for the breakout board with the addition of two transistors and a few resistors with the following modification. Next, press the upload button in the Arduino IDE, and wait until you get the successfully compiled message (below). As soon as the message appears, press the reset button on your board to force the bootloader to reset.

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