Arduino Make your own hardware

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The world is going nuts over the Raspberry Pi single-board computer (SBC) for being a whole system under $50. In reality though the Pi isn`t actually the cheapest computing device available. If you want really cheap how does $13. 50 sound for a mini computer that can plug into your PC`s USB port be programmed in C+ and let loose into the real worl

Arduino Make your own hardware
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d connected to all sorts of crazy stuff Welcome to the world of the PC-programmable microcontrollers. CPUs are the show ponies of the computing world they strut around showing off their high clock speeds but on their own they`re totally useless: they need a whole motherboard`s worth of bits to connect to real-world devices. On the other hand microcontrollers are compact self-contained bite-size devices that run their own complete computing device they have storage RAM and interface ports that work with sensors displays and switches. They run everything from fridges to cars and clock radios. Microcontrollers don`t run anywhere near as fast as CPUs the ones we`ll look at only clock at 16MHz but they`re not encumbered by layers of Windows operating system to strangle the life out of them either. Microcontrollers allow you to create complex gadgets at a fraction of the cost of using individual or discrete integrated circuits. However if you`re going to use microcontrollers a good working knowledge of electronics is required this series is all about real-world computing in the truest sense. Yep we`ll talk electronics theory get our inner geek on and look at voltages currents resistors and the like. But frankly I get bored with theory alone damn quick so this series will be all about getting your hands dirty and building stuff. And to do that as quickly as possible we`re going to use the excellent Arduino series of expandable...

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