Arduino Panic Alarm Project

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Here is the circuit of an Arduino-based Panic Alarm! The wiring is very simple so that even a novice can construct this interesting circuit without any difficulty. Arduino is a family of microcontrollers (tiny computers) and a software creation environment (Arduino IDE) that makes it easy for you to create programs (called sketches) that can inter

Arduino Panic Alarm Project
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

act with the physical world. The Arduino environment has been designed to be easy to use for beginners who have no software or electronics experience. However, try to learn more/refresh your knowledge about arduino platfrom, before constructing this circuit. If you are new to Arduino, this link will help you get started. In addition, there is an active and supportive Arduino community that is accessible worldwide through the Arduino forums. The forums offer project development examples and solutions to problems that can provide inspiration and assistance as you pursue your own projects. Here is a simple Arduino guide for beginners Panic Alarm circuit consists of two equally important parts. The first part is the ready-made Arduino Microcontroller board, and the second part is an interface circuit which can be wired on a piece of prototyping board. You can use any standard 9V battery to power the whole circuit, and the Push-ON (push n` hold) switch (S1) to activate the alarm function. An additional Electro-Magnetic Relay (EMR) is also attached to the interface circuit. With the help of this relay, it is easy to energize other (external) high-power blinkers or beepers, if necessary. // PANIC ALARM - ARDUINO // // by T. K. Hareendran // int rlyPin = 12; // Relay Output Pin int sensPin = 2; // Switch Input Pin int ledPin = 13; // LED output Pin int pzSpeaker = 10; //Piezo-speaker Output Pin int val = 0; // variable for...

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