Arduino Runing On && Charging NiMH batteries

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

An Arduino running on 2 or 4 rechargeable NiMH AA batteries. I say 2 because I might boost up the voltage to what`s needed. My problem is that this project will sometimes be plugged in and I would like the batteries to be able to charge during that time. These batteries will each have a capacity of around 2000-2400 mAh. I must have done half a days amount of research on this topic and although

Arduino Runing On && Charging NiMH batteries
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I feel much more informed I still don`t know how to proceed. Based on what I`ve read the most important thing is a constant current, with <. 1c trickle charge for NiMH batteries and ~2c 1. 2cSource linked below for a fast charge. First off, is there a way to make a crude `dumb` charger with say an external 12v power supply and the Arduino reading the battery voltage and shut off accordingly If so where should the voltage be read at along the circuit for it to properly read. I`d like to know that last bit the most, because regardless of what charging mechanism in the end is selected, I wish to know whether the Arduino can read the battery voltage while the batteries are plugged in. Also, should I in the end use an IC like and let it take care of the entire situation. If so is the one I have selected a good one for this particular application I have tried to continue research and attempt to present a circuit. I will say this is the most complicated circuit I have attempted to design. Besides the couple dozen schematics I had looked at, I mostly used the following:

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