Arduino multi-mode lamp with soft touch switch

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

In this Arduino-based project, we will build a lamp with multiple light displays: color sequencer, dimming light, color chaser, firelight all selected by a touch bar on the circuit board. We will be going the minimalist way for this project, filling the board with just a microchip, the LEDs, a handful of resistors and some capacitors, all for

Arduino multi-mode lamp with soft touch switch
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under $10, along with the necessary connecting hardware. The circuit will be using 3 RGB LEDs. These arecommon-anodePiranha type available here and contains three LEDs within its body. Each color will need a single dropping resistor (220-ohm for green and blue and 330-ohm for Red). We can also add a small LED with a 1k-ohm as an indicator. The IC we are using is an ATMega-328 microchip, available for about $5 here You will also need a 16Mhzresonatorfor about 35c, also available at the same site. The development and testing of the software is done using the Arduino system, so a suitable host` is necessary. I`ve used an Arduino Nano`, a Boarduino and a RBBB board and they all work fine. It is averygood idea to put the microchip in a socket. Here, I`ve used 2 x 16-pin sockets end-to-end, because that is what I have available The ATMel chip only has 28-pins so we`ll have a few empty sockets on the end. After I`ve done the preliminary wiring, the circuit (and programming) is tested through jumpers connected to the host`, an RBBB (Really Bare Bones Board), also from Modern Devices. This lets me make sure the wiring is correct before we commit the Microchip. A major effort-saver is the use of Teflon wire, which does not melt even when routed close to soldered parts. Teflon wire is also available silver-plated which allows me to use thinner wires (#28) and still handle the current. These wires can be found here on eBay. The wiring...

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