Arduino solenoid project behaves strangely when operated on PC power supply

With a 9 V DC battery, it worked fine. But because of a less DC power, solenoid was not generating a powerful enough force. I modified a computer power supply as the power source. Now when providing +12 V (15. 0 A) power from it, the solenoid valve is pulled once and then it sticks with the body of solenoid. If I pushed it back, and kept pushing so to

not touch the body of solenoid, it works. And if it is sticking with the body, it remains the same even after I turn off power and have to push it to separate. EDIT: The Serial print statement I put in the program is printing while solenoid plunger is stick to body. Though the small solenoid is working fine with PC power supply too when I provide 5. 0 V OR 3. 0 V to it. I test by changing different delay values. Something like 10000 and 100000, but it gave the same result. I have changed it like giving a small value for HIGH, like 100, and a bigger one, like 10000, for LOW output so that it has enough time to come back, but again with the same result. What I guessed is that the inductance of solenoid because of much current generates magnetism in the body of the solenoid that sticks the valve, and it keeps it sticking even after the power is turned off, so I have to push the valve to separate. One more thing is that the solenoid starts moving even if I put 12 V lead to the power supply without supplying ground to it. EDIT:I test my hypothesis of electromagnetism created in the body of big solenoid by inductance bec of high power by putting small solenoid near to big solenoid while its powered on and it stick to body of big solenoid. When I disconnect power, there was no sticking. I think this happening with solenoid plunger too. Is it a phenomenan observed by people working with solenoids or coils int solPin = 13; void...

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