Arithmatic Logic Unit

Creating a 2-bit alu. It has 8 defined functions (the functions are defined by a 3bit code), AND XOR etc, and these functions act on two, 2-bit binary numbers and produce a 2-bit answer. From what I have done so far, I have a decoder that decodes what the function is, and the output of that powers/activates the corresponding purpose of that function. The problem I`m having is, the outputs of the two functions XOR and AND have to

go into LSB, MSB and carryOut to indicate the answer, however since the outputs are tied together it causes an error. And I can`t have 3 separate LED`s defined for each function. I must only use that 3 (LSB, MSB and carryOut). *note on the image* a - LSB of binary number 1 {these are controlled by switches} b - MSB of binary number 1 c - LSB of binary number 2 d - MSB of binary number 2 cin - carry in.

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