Arithmatic Logic Unit

Creating a 2-bit alu. It has 8 defined functions (the functions are defined by a 3bit code), AND XOR etc, and these functions act on two, 2-bit binary numbers and produce a 2-bit answer. From what I have done so far, I have a decoder that decodes what the function is, and the output of that powers/activates the corresponding purpose of that function. The problem I`m having is, the outputs of the two functions XOR and AND have to
Arithmatic Logic Unit - schematic

go into LSB, MSB and carryOut to indicate the answer, however since the outputs are tied together it causes an error. And I can`t have 3 separate LED`s defined for each function. I must only use that 3 (LSB, MSB and carryOut). *note on the image* a - LSB of binary number 1 {these are controlled by switches} b - MSB of binary number 1 c - LSB of binary number 2 d - MSB of binary number 2 cin - carry in.

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