Assembling The Speed Controller

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The. 01uf monolithic capacitors will be marked `103 K` and the 15pf monolithic capacitors are marked `15 J`. It is very important that you don`t confuse the two. DO NOT take either the MOSFETs or the Integrated circuits off their protective static containers until just before you use them. Ideally, you should also keep yourself grounded whenever

Assembling The Speed Controller
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you handle static sensitive parts. In general it is sufficient to touch something that is grounded before you pick up a part. Some of the items in the kit are polarized. This means that they must be installed with the correct orientation. The parts that are polarized are the tantalum capacitors (marked with a + on one lead), the zener diodes (marked with a band on one end), one of the two resistor packs (marked with a dot on the end) and the integrated circuits. When you install the integrated circuit sockets be sure and orient the socket correctly (line up the notch shape with the silkscreen) so that it will guide you when installing the ICs. The zener diodes and the MOSFETs are heat sensitive. This means that if you hold the soldering iron on them too long you can damage them. My reccommendation is that you count "one one thousand, two one thousand, etc" and if you get to "seven one thousand" and you haven`t successfully created the joint you stop. Wait 10 or 20 seconds for the part to cool and try again. This is particularly difficult on the areas where there are really wide traces because the copper foil absorbs the heat. The following steps will take you through the assembly of the H-bridge board. Read through all of the steps first, then follow them in order when you assemble the board. The assembly steps attempt to build up the board by "levels", that is putting equal height components in at the same time so that...

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