Astable Multivibrator Calculations

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

for the time in which it gets charged to 0. 6V, the other capacitor has already charged a whole lot(a value which I can`t figure out because the setup does not work until i reach one of the two states-Q1 is on or Q2 is on) The only reason the equation Tl=0. 693C(R2) exists is because we assume that the capacitor starts at 1/3Vcc and goes up to 2

Astable Multivibrator Calculations
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

/3Vcc in time Tl using the capacitor discharge equation. But in the above astable multivibrator, there is no indication(that I can see at least) of voltage limiting. So in the equation V(t)=Voe(-t/RC), what is Vo and what is V(t) I was a student at ITT Tech nearly 12 years ago. I had the basics back then. I went over some of the basics at TTC (my current school) but not into the basic-basics. I understand everything, but don`t remember all the math (I have my text books). Give me about an hour and I should be able to find those formulas (I`m cooking atm). Most of what I know I`ve scavenged from the internet. No formal electronics edu, just cheap 12th std physics. which is why I have no idea about the math (and very little about everything else for that matter) Grob`s Basic Electronics (they are up to 11th edition, I have 8th), Operational Amplifiers and Linear Integrated Circuits: Theory and Applications, Digital Systems: Principles and Applications (7th edition, don`t know what they are up to now) edit: DS: PaA is an experiment book fwiw. Looking again at the circuit diagram you provided. all I can assume is that as a whole they provide the voltage limiting. The base of Q1 is connected to the collector of Q2 with C2 in series, and Q2`s base is in series with the collector of Q1 with C1 in series. Perhaps that set up (seems like it provides feedback ) is what limits the voltage Though as I understand it, the three equal...

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