Audio Amplifier Op amp

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Design a circuit in which a microcontroller produces a signal and then using an amplifier drives an 8ohm speaker. I`ve so far used LM386, but it cannot go above 1W, which turned out to be insufficient. Besides that, I wish to add an (second order) anti aliasing LPF at the output of the microcontroller. If I wish to feed the speaker w

Audio Amplifier Op amp
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ith 2W, then I would need 4v, 500mA on the speaker. Is it possible for me to do it this way, or is there a better circuit for my needs Is there an op amp that can comply with these requirements While there may be some high power output opamps available, it may be easier and cheaper to use a transistor buffer stage with the LM386 that you already have. The transistor can be included in the feedback loop of a voltage follower opamp to improve its output fidelity. Chintalagiri Shashank Jan 27 `13 at 13:36 @Phill Frost, Since the main goal is DTMF (in high frequencies, around 17kHz) I need very low harmonic distortion. that`s pretty much the only requirement I guess. Daniel Jan 27 `13 at 14:33

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