Audio Mixers Circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The mixer circuit below has 3 line inputs and 3 mic inputs. The mic inputs are suitable for low impedance 200-1000R dynamic microphones. An ECM or condenser mic can also be used, but must have bias applied via a series resistor. Circuit to Connect Telephone Equipment to Audio Mixer - I have used this type of circuits for q

Audio Mixers Circuits
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uick testing of telephone equipment. This is a quick hack that does not exactly resemble the characteristics of the real telephone network, but is enough for this kind if applications. If you want better simulation, change the resistor to 600 ohm and increase the power supply voltage. Line Mixer (Tomi Engdahl) - The circuit is an audio mixer circuit so simple as it can be. There are two dual logarithmic potentiometers in the circuit to adjust the input signal levels and some resistors to do the actual mixing. The circuit is totally passive, so no power supply is needed. Simple Line Mixer - Most people reading this would be well aware of what a mixer is used for but I`ll reiterate here. The job of an Audio mixer is to combine various audio signals into a single audio signal. It is better known in electronic terms as a summing circuit. That is to say that the output is the sum of all of the inputs. A summing note is often represented as a circle with a PLUS (+) symbol in it. Low cost circuit incorporates mixing & Amplifying functions - EDN-Design Ideas: Using an amplifier with a power-down disable, you can combine the mixer and the amplifier functions.

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