Audio Resonant Equalizer Circuit Design

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This topic covers a resonant equalizer which is a different style circuit than the common audio equalizer, although both produce the same result. The difference here is that the frequency response of both the high and low frequency equalizer covered on the previous page overlap each other. Notice how the capacitor placement for the high-pass equa

Audio Resonant Equalizer Circuit Design
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lizer and the capacitor placement for the low-pass equalizer are used in this circuit design. This circuit is also sometimes called a universal equalizer, because by changing or adding the capacitors any of the three equalizer responses can be produced. Although this schematic only shows one possible example, the other two were shown in the previous design. The circuit design is almost identical to the unity gain 741 circuit used before. The only difference is the addition of the second capacitor to the circuit schematic. As with all these circuits, the general purpose LM741 is only used to represent almost any operational amplifier. Also see Manufacturers of Op Amps. This circuit basically combines the low and high pass filters, similar to circuits found on the Passive Tone Control page, or the Active Tone Control page. The low and high frequency points are combined and placed symmetrically above and below center resonant frequency. The resonant equalizer functions around a particular center frequency and than adds gain or attenuation above or below that frequency. However the response only effects a certain range above or below the center frequency, as shown in the graphic. Which appears just like a bandpass filter, with the additional characteristic of both gain and attenuation control. As shown in the graphic to the right the boost an cut are symmetrical. The high frequency [Fh] 3dB point and the low frequency [Fl] 3dB...

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