Audio Stereo Amplifer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This setup is quite messy in terms of wires, so I`ve decided to remove both from their respective housings and place them in a nice, custom-built box. Right, so while I`m about to do that, aren`t there any other goodies toadd, like a VU meter and volume control Yes, which is what this project is about ” how to built a stereo amplifier from various components and parts.

Audio Stereo Amplifer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Everything is modular, so the system components can easily be changed, upgraded, replaced or have new goodies added. The PSU provides us with a standby rail (+5VSB, purple wire), which is used to power circuits that require power input during the powered down state of the unit. A red LED, powered through this rail, will indicate that the unit is plugged into the main power. This LED should then turn to green when the unit is actually switched on. For this function we must use the PWR_OK (+5V, gray wire) signal. Two interesting aspects of the required circuit are that we can use an H-bridge to switch the polarity applied to a bi-colour LED and that the switch for the H-bridge needs to be of a special configuration. I would like this amplifier to have a volume control. This can easily be achieved with a logarithmic potentiometer on the input, but by using a circuit based on the Philips TDA1524 chip I also get tone (bass & treble) and balance control. Details on how to build this module can be found here.

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