August 2009

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This device was designed on request and allows sequential operation of four Leds either to left or right direction, obtained by means of a 7555 CMos timer IC (IC1) wired as an astable multivibrator driving a Decade counter (IC2). This IC is set to count a sequence of four by connection of pin #10 to pin #15, but any sequence count in the 2-10 rang

August 2009
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e can be set by choosing the appropriate pin connection. Obviously, LEDs, Transistors and their respective Base-limiting resistors must also be added or omitted accordingly. R1 is a variable resistor (Trimmer), used to set the desired speed of the LEDs. SW1 is a change-over switch that should already exist in your motorcycle, having a center-off position and Turn-left and Turn-right positions. D1, D3, D5 and D7 are the Turn-left LEDs; D2, D4, D6 and D8 are the Turn-right LEDs. IC1_7555 or TS555CN or TLC555CP CMos Timer IC IC2_4017 Decade counter with 10 decoded outputs IC SW1_Vehicle Turn Lights switch (See Comments) Battery_12V Vehicle battery This design adopts a well established circuit topology for the power amplifier, using a single-rail supply of about 60V and capacitor-coupling for the speaker(s). The advantages for a guitar amplifier are the very simple circuitry, even for comparatively high power outputs, and a certain built-in degree of loudspeaker protection, due to capacitor C8, preventing the voltage supply to be conveyed into loudspeakers in case of output transistors` failure. The preamp is powered by the same 60V rails as the power amplifier, allowing to implement a two-transistors gain-block capable of delivering about 20V RMS output. This provides a very high input overload capability. R11, R12_R47 4W Wirewound Resistors C1, C2, C4, C5_47 µF 63V Electrolytic Capacitors C3_100 µF 25V Electrolytic Capacitor...

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