Automatic Light Controller Using 7806 And LDR PCB

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This circuit controls the switching of the street light or porch light and it will be automated. This circuit of automatic lamp controller using 7806 regulator ic can be used to automate street lights, tube lights or any other house electrical lightning systems. the IC 7806 is a voltage regulator ic that give a steady output voltage against widely

Automatic Light Controller Using 7806 And LDR PCB
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fluctuating dc input voltage. For this IC, any voltage that appears in common terminal will be reflected at the output. So when the ground terminal is disconnected, the input is available at the output. By the way the circuit is self explanatory, i will give you a simple description. The 7806 common terminal is driven by a BC557 transistor. for automatic light control, the base of this transistor is connected through a LDR In this way, the voltage regulator is able to operate a light bulb automatically as per the ambient light. The light sensing level can be adjusted by using VR1 preset. During day time, the transistor T1 will be on and the IC1 output will be 6V that is not much to energize the relay. During night the 7806 output will be the input voltage and the relay become energized.

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