Automatic light dimmer circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This is an automatic light dimmer circuit. You do not need to dim the lights by yourself. It is so very convenient, because we use the LDR to detect external light. To control the Triac, and the brightness of the lamp next. Suppose low light so there is voltage across the LDR many making the triac a lot of work, the lamp so super bright. But some

 Automatic light dimmer circuit
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time the light is very high so a few voltage at Triac, then the lamp do not work or low bright. This circuit we used only an incandescent light bulbs size AC220V 50Hz at 5 watt because low power triac and basic circuit. You should not be touch the circuit. you may be to get electrocuted. Very cheap ac light dimmer You may had saw to a complicated AC light dimmer circuit ago. Now let`s look simple, but useful, fairly good. This circuit uses a capacitor in series with one lamp and accessories with a bit more. Is used to control the light dimmer, Easy and cheap. [. ] AC lights dimmer with triac This circuit has can to turn down a light bulb arrives at 100W. If Triac there is tall temperature should hold Heat Sink or let off the heat. The Diac be diode that perform be formed encourage or Trigger Diode 2 kinds are way or Bidirectional. [. ] Dimmer light touch system Working dimmer light bulbs Mechanic will cause a deterioration easy. And when using open or close the switch will cause a spark. But this cycle can be opened, adjusted and closed with a single point of contact. The IC number PT2102 make this circuit work 4-step is close[. ]

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