Automatic street light circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Below shown circuit will be automatically switched ON and OFF during night and morning times respectively. In above circuit R1 can be used to adjust the sensitivity. And the working of the circuit is very simple. The LDR will have very low resistance during day time so the transistor Q1 will be in OFF condition. And during night time the resistance will be very

Automatic street light circuit
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high so automatically the transistor Q1 will be ON. The Q1 is PNP transistor and the emitter of Q1 is given to base of Q2. So the Q2 transistor will be ON only if the transistor Q1 is ON. The TRIAC is used in the circuit to make is circuit complete. As the TRIAC will allow voltage to pass from either directions only when there is a certain threshold voltage in gate terminal. And the gate of TRIAC is controlled by transistor Q2. So totally the lamp will be ON during night time and will be again switched off during day light. To change the sensitivity of the circuit to light adjust R2.

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