Automotive Buses and Vehicle Bus Description

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The Physical interface bus being either fiber [Optical] or wire [electrical]. The difference here, in some cases, is that the electrical interface being defined resides just prior to the optical encoder. So the Physical interface bus from device to device is optical [fiber], but the specification also defines the Physical [electrical] interface into the optical transmitter/receiver [which is not normally done outside of

Automotive Buses and Vehicle Bus Description
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Automotive buses]. Also:. "It is becoming clear that regardless of carmaker, new vehicles will be made using LIN for the lowest data-rate functions, CAN for medium speed, MOST for the high-speed data rates and FlexRay, for safety-critical applications such as steer- and brake-by-wire. " from Automotive Industries. MOST bus : [Media Oriented Systems Transport], defines a multimedia fiber-optic (low overhead, low cost) point-to-point network implemented in a ring, star or daisy-chain topology over Plastic optical fibers [POF]. The MOST bus specifications define the Physical [Electrical and Optical parameters] Layer as well as the Application Layer, Network Layer, and Medium Access Control. The SAE J1850 bus is used for diagnostics and data sharing applications in On and Off road vehicles. The J1850 interface takes two forms; A 41. 6Kbps Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) two wire differential approach, or a 10. 4Kbps Variable Pulse Width (VPW) single wire approach. The single wire approach may have a bus length up to 35 meters (with 32 nodes). The J1850 interface was developed in 1994, J1850 may be phased out for new designs. The J1850 is a class B protocol. The J1850 protocol uses CSMA/CR arbitration. The frame consists of a Start Of Frame [SOF], which is high for 200uS. The Header byte follows the SOF and is one byte long. The MI bus may applied to drive Mirrors, Seats, Window lifts or Head light levellers. The Master sends...

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