Axe Grinder Electric Guitar Effect

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The Axe Grinder is designed with a few key fetures in mind, it not only serves a wide range of distortion sounds clipping part of the effect, it also gives the user the ability to overload their amp with a greatly boosted clean tone. The distorted tone and pure tones can be blended to adjust its extra. Moreover, the tone controls only affect the s

Axe Grinder Electric Guitar Effect
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ignal distortion, which leaves intact the pure signal. Cancel  switch allows your guitar signal to circumvent the effect completely. Tags: Axe Grinder circuit, Axe Grinder effect, Axe Grinder effect diagram, Axe Grinder effect schematic, Axe Grinder electric guitar, Axe Grinder guitar effect, Axe Grinder wiring diagram, electronic Axe Grinder effect, Here the circuit diagram of Angry Beard III Effect for Electric Guitar. Build your own guitar effect because the guitar effect kits on the market are very expensive. The OP-AMP can be any single low noise op-amp, the original NE5534 used. The 2N44 is likely to be replaced by PNP germanium transistors other without much. This circuit is one of the many guitar effects circuit, which exist in the world. I have not made this circuit and I also do not know what kind of sound effect Harmonic sweeteners, but hopefully this Harmonic Sweetener Guitar Effect circuit can help you get a nice effect for your electric guitar. A pair. The following circuit is an distortion booster effect for your electric guitar. I don`t know whether this circuit is really works or not, you may try this circuit with your own risk. Circuit notes: Q1 and Q2 are BC108 D1 and D2 are silicon or germanium (pick your favorite flavor) signal diodes Download Distortion Booster. This circuit will controls the initial frequency and controls how much the envelope follower responds to the input signal. An envelope...

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