BASIC CIRCUITRY of Metal Detection

The search loop may be constructed in several different ways; however, the method offered here should get you headed in the right direction. Refer to Fig. 2 as a guide for constructing the loop. The loop form should be constructed from non-metallic and non-moisture-absorbent material. A sealed wood form will do, and it can be either solid or hoop-
BASIC CIRCUITRY of Metal Detection - schematic

like. The form should be % to 1 inch wide to allow room for the coil windings. Close wind six turns of #20 enameled or insulated wire on the form. Wrap the windings with at least two layers of good quality plastic electrical tape. Put the loop aside and construct the oscillator circuit on a piece of multipurpose PC board with pre-drilled holes. Stability is one of the most important considerations in building any stable oscillator circuit, so keep all component leads short and solidly mounted. The two variable capacitors should be mounted in a manner that allows tuning from outside the enclosure. In order to achieve the best results, the circuit should be housed in a metal cabinet to which the circuit ground is connected. Temporarily connect the loop to the circuitry with about 30 inches of shielded microphone cable or 2-conductor intercom wire. Any wire gauge from #18 to #24 will do. Actually two insulated wires may be twisted together by hand and used. Place the loop away from any metal object and apply power to the circuit. Locate a transistor radio near by and tune in a station somewhere near the middle of the dial. Adjust both C5 and C6 to a frequency that will heterodyne with the broadcast station. If nothing happens, it is most likely that the oscillator is not operating near the desired frequency. Now, how do we determine if the oscillator`s frequency is too low or too high Naturally, a frequency counter would be the easiest way to determine the oscillator`s frequency. If one is not available, what then A shortwave receiver that runes both below and above the standard AM broadcast band can be used to ferret out the oscillator`s frequency. Once the oscillator`s frequency is determined, adjustments can be made to move the frequency into the broadcast band. Reducing the total capacitance of the oscillator`s tuned circuit or lowering the inductance of the loop will raise the frequency. Lowering the frequency is accomplished by increasing the capacitance of the tuned circuit or by increasing the inductance of the loop. Removing or adding a turn to the loop is a good method to use if the oscillator is way off frequency. The search loop normally scans the ground in a parallel manner in search of metal objects. The loop`s parallel position to the ground forms a capacitance to ground, which shifts the oscillator`s frequency. As the loop moves up and down above the ground, the oscillator`s frequency shifts in a like manner. Adding a Faraday shield to the loop will help in reducing the ground-effect frequency-shift problem. The Faraday shield is a metal shroud that is formed around the loop with an insulating gap in the middle. A shield can be formed out of aluminum foil by cutting a length that`s 3 inches wide and long enough to go almost completely around the edge of the loop while leaving a gap of 1 to 2 inches in the middle, see Fig. 3. Once the aluminum foil is formed, add a 4-inch length bare wire under the foil at one end and glue the shield in place. Place the loop on a flat surface and place a solid object on top to secure the foil to the loop form. After the glue dries, connect the other end of the bare wire to the loop`s ground-end connection. An old broom handle or dowel rod is attached to the middle of the loop and serves as the handle and support for the loop and detector circuit. See Fig. 4. The AM radio may be attached to the handle as well or carried separately. Position the loop over the area to be searched and tune the oscillator to produce an audible beat frequency tone. Maximum sensitivity is achieved wh

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