BCD seven sections of nixie tubes reveal the decoder circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Luminescent diode LED Made of GaAs of special semiconductor material, gallium arsenide photphide, etc. can use singly, also can assemble the segment type or lattice LED display device semiconductor display device of the composition. Display unit of sectional type LED nixie tube Enclose, succeed by 7 line segment 8 type, every segment include oneluminescent diode.

BCD seven sections of nixie tubes reveal the decoder circuit
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The diode is turned on at the time of extra direct voltage, emit the sharp light, there is color such as being red, yellow, green. Control shiny section on killing, can reveal various character form or symbol each according to law. Pursue 4-17 a Female the intersection of LED and schematic diagram of nixie tube, Fig. 4-17 altogether b It is it that represents symbols. While using, the public negative pole is earthed, 7 positive poles a~g Driven by corresponding BCD seven sections of Decoders control, Such as Fig. 4-17 c Shown. C B A Show, The output is every sections of driving signals of nixie tube Israel F a~ F G shows, Also call 4- 7 Decoders. Drive overcast the intersection of LED and nixie tube altogether with it, export should as high and effective, namely export for high 1 When, corresponding display segment FaGuang. For example, act as input 8421 yards of DCBA =At 0100 o`clock, should reveal, demand to light at the same time b c f g Section, go out a d e Section, so the output of the Decoder should be F a~ F g =0110011, This is a series of codes too, often called segment code. Same, according to make up, can list 8421BCD seven truth table of Decoder by 0~9 10 requirement of character form these, see tables 4-12 not omit with the code block.

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