Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A MOSFET solid state kilowatt amplifierplifier using MOSFET`s. Helge`s work was followed by articles that appeared in QEX and QST by Joel F. Paladino, N6AMG. Since then, very little has been written in amateur radio publications concerning MOSFET`s in kilowatt applications. Most kilowatt amplifier designs published, use vacuum tubes. These amplifiers tend to be bulky and

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heavy. In this article, I hope to renew interest in high power solid state RF devices. My primary objectives are to revisit the designs, investigate the use of newer devices, and offer a creative implementation of these devices in an amateur radio amplifier. Please keep in mind, this amplifier design is a work in progress. Previously, I contemplated building an amplifier using vacuum tubes. My requirement was for an amplifier in the 1000 Watt class for HF and six meters. In addition, I needed a power device that would handle this requirement. The device that came to mind was a Eimac 8877. I researched a design that would cover HF through Six meters. Every design was either for HF or Six meters, but not for both. In addition, they involved tube technology which I had not worked with in the past. The designs also looked a bit more mechanically complex than I had expected. My idea was to aim for a design that was both portable and straight forward to implement. After weighing the pros and cons, it looked like a solid state design was the only viable option left. But which devices should I use Bipolars or MOSFET`s After a lot of reading, it seemed like MOSFET`s would be the device of choice. I decided to build one of the amplifiers designed by Helge Grandberg of Motorola. I had remembered reading of a design in QST, so I decided to go through all my piles of magazines. I finally found the article in the September 1992 issue....

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