Bank Harmonic Filters Operation in Power Supply System Cases Studies

The vertical line indicates the instance of the 5th harmonic filter connection Figure 3. Diagram of the power system with the designed group of single-tuned filters for system with DC drive supplied by 6-pulse controlled rectifier:PN = 22kW, UN = 440V, IN = 56, 2A, J = 2, 7kgm2, Rt = 0, 465 ©, Lt = 15, 345mH, nN = 1500 r/min, k = 2, 62 .

The voltage-current waveforms and spectrum before and after connecting the filters (U1/I1 basic voltage/ current harmonic; Uh/Ih h. order voltage/current component Figure 9. The double-tuned filter and its essential frequency characteristics;the basic configuration and frequency characteristics of: the series part, parallel part, and the whole filter ( ‰R angular resonance frequency of the parallel part; ‰S angular resonance frequency of the series part; ‰n1, ‰n2 tuned angular frequencies of the double-tuned filter; equation 9 R 0). Figure 14. Frequency-impedance characteristics of: a) the power network equivalent impedance (ZS), the resultant impedance of two 3rd harmonic filters (Z2x3h), the C-type filter impedance (ZCfilter), the resultant impedance of two 3rd harmonic filters and the C-type filter (ZF); b) the impedance seen from the load terminals: without filters (ZS), the network equivalent impedance and two 3rd harmonic filters impedance connected in parallel (Zs|Z2x3h), and parallel connection of the network equivalent impedance, two 3rd harmonic filters and the C-type filter impedances (Zs|Z2x3h|ZCfilter) Figure 16. Voltage and current characteristics, spectrums and THD factors at 110 kV side. The graphs show two time characteristics: 10 min. averaged values (blue) and 10 ms maximum values (yellow) Figure 17. Current characteristics, spectrums and THDI factors of Arc-furnace and C-type filter. The graphs show two...

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