Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The goal of this project was to make an interactive baseball game inspired by pinball. There is a solenoid-powered bat and a pitching mechanism that utilizes a motor and lever arm setup. Both of these are controlled by buttons so that two people can play against each other. The game has targets for a single, double, triple, and home run, with a si

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mple photodiode-phototransistor circuit to sense the ball. There are LEDs to light up each base as well as a scoreboard containing two seven-segment displays and LEDs for outs. The general concept is to have a slanted surface similar to a pinball machine. The ball will roll down and the user will try to hit it back up into a single, double, triple or homerun. These "hits" have dampening backstops and milled down grooves to channel the ball into a hole where a sensor is placed. If none of these are hit then the ball rolls back down towards the bat and into an out hole. This was done to limit the number of holes and sensor we would need to create. There are rails along the play field so the ball will not fly off. Underneath, there is a recess, which is an oppositely slanted board to channel the ball back to the pitching apparatus. The housing has sides to mount the bat button and keep the ball from sliding out of the recess. A acrylic sheet was used to wrap around the back as the rear wall. Holes were cut to allow pitching and scoreboard display. The Bat was fashioned out of wood on the band saw and sanded to a finish. Two holes were drilled: one to act as an anchoring pivot point and the other to be attached to an actuator. A Spring Return Solenoid, run on two 9. 6V rechargeable batteries in series, was used to actuate the bat. The user interface was a simple push button usually stocked in the lab. This button was located on...

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