Based on 51 single-chip design and production of infrared remote control car

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

An infrared remote control car, the AT89S51 microcontroller as the core controller, DC motor with L289 drivers work to control the operation of car in this section with infrared remote control manual car driving, autopilot, tracing forward and other functions in this The modular design of software using C language. T

Based on 51 single-chip design and production of infrared remote control car
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he AT98C51 microcontroller as the core, making a IR remote control car, car driving with automatic and manual features such as driving and tracking progress. Autopilot, the process can move forward obstacle avoidance. Manual driving, remote control car forward, backward, left turn, turn right, speed up other operations. tracing the car can move forward in accordance with pre-designed path forward. The system consists of hardware and software components. Hardware to complete some of the major infrared transmitting and receiving coded signals, obstacle detection, path detection, the occurrence of DC motor operation functions. Software mainly to complete the signal detection and processing, device drivers and control and other functions. AT89S51 microcontroller infrared signal and decode the query, the query part of each input signal detection and appropriate treatment, including reversing the motor to determine whether an obstacle, to determine whether that payment in their car derailed and so on. system block diagram shown in Figure 1. The circuit of the main control device for the remote control chip HT6221, shown in Figure 2. HT6221 infrared pulse code modulated signal into 38KHZ by infrared emitting diodes infrared code sent in Figure 2 is the infrared emitting diodes D1, D2 is the key indicator, when a button is pressed light D2. HT6221 encoding rule is: when a key is pressed more than 36ms, the chip oscillator enabled,...

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